Meditation is celebration.

Swami Chaitanya Keerti, Director of Osho World, elucidates to FC2



“The purpose pf Osho World is to make Osho’s vision available to the people of Delhi.”
Located in the heart of the Capital’s Ansal Plaza, their main idea is to make it easy for people to “find Osho.” Swami Chaitanya Keerti, Director of Osho World, elaborates, “We are in the middle of the market-place in this galleria. As you walk in you feel a certain ambience which helps you to become meditative, peaceful and quiet. You walk around and there’s McDonald’s, Music World and all other such stuff. Then there is this galleria where when anyone walks in, one has a feeling of realisation.”
Osho World open on April 1, 2000 while there is a Osho Rajyoga Centra at Safdarjung Development Area and Oshodham a little outside of Delhi. Their main aim is to spread Osho’s (whom they call “the Mystic who realized himself”) message. Swami Keerti adds, “His basic message is meditation. We call it the Life- style of Meditation and Celebration. This meditation is not of renouncing the world. You meditate and celebrate.”
To make Osho’s philosophy, idea and art of living available to everyone, the Osho Rajyoga Centre holds a number of daily, weekly and monthly programmes. ” We are meditating in the galleria from 6 p.m. onwards. This is known as the Meditation in the market-place. We sit down and listen to Osho’s tapes and then meditate. Anyone who walks into the galleria can join in.” Then there are Dynamic Kundalini meditations. “These are the main meditations for anyone who is introduced to meditation. This is one hour meditation which involves vigorous and chaotic breathing to throw out all the garbage from the unconscious: then a total freezing of the body to let the energies that have been awakened to work within, finally culminating in celebration either in the form of dance, or swaying. You do not regulate or direct it.”

These meditations are held daily in the morning and evening at the center at Safdarjung Development Area.
At Oshodham, which is just a little outside Delhi, we have meditation camps every weekend where we practice three other meditations apart from the ones already mentioned, like Silence Meditation for 21 days,
Mystic Rose Meditation. We also show Osho’s video tapes which we call the White Robe Brotherhood, sit and listen to those together. It starts with music and we sing along together.”
A unique kind of meditation was initiated by the Osho Foundation this year called the Laughter Meditation. Basically it is like a kind of forced laughter. You consciously laugh until it becomes spontaneous. The initial one or two minutes is difficult. So we play Osho’s jokes, then we have a cassette of a child laughing. It triggers something within you and everybody starts laughing. In groups it is very easy to laugh together. We use this group feeling in laughter, close our eyes, feel the sweet energy that has awakened within us and sit in silence and meditate.”
They have been involved in promoting arts and culture and the new vision for the new millennium which stresses on wholeness and not lopsided development. It should be a life of total enrichment, inner and outer. We are not against the comforts of life, but we are for the transformation and metamorphosis of the individual within. In 2001 we will be more focused on meditation and less on cultural activities. We plan to have a Shiva-Shakti Week in February starting on Valentine’s Day and ending on February 21 which is the Maha Shiva Ratri. At that time we will be launching Book of Secrets which is the tantra message of Shiva and Parvati. Osho has talked about 112 techniques of meditation given by Shiva to Parvati in their intimacy. Tantra sutra is transforming your sexual energy for higher consciousness. Also from February 23 to 25, Ma Yoga Neelam will conduct a Meditation Camp at Oshodham. And April will see us celebrating the first Anniversary of Osho World at Siri Fort. May be we will have a big Maha-kavi Sammelan then.”

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