Noyonika’s Niece Is An Osho Admirer

Nishiraaj Baruah

Hindustan Times
January 27, 2001

This girl has the distinction of being the first in her school (Air Force Bal Bharti, Lodi Road) to pierce her nose. “A nose ring gives such an Indian look,” says 19-year-old Simar Sukhija, who has been sporting a diamond stud for three years now.

She should know, for her mother runs a beauty parlour called Looks in New Friends Colony. And she is as much a part of it as the mirrors on the walls there. “I basically handle the PR part of her business,” she says. Last month her mom paid her a salary of Rs. 500, and she is very happy about her first earnings. But this has also made her aware of the value of money. She realised this when she went to buy her favourite Ferro Rochar chocolates. At the cash counter, she hesitated and thought: “Is this how I am going to blow away my hard-earned money?” She settled for a few Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolates, instead.

Simar has to be wise in her spendings, for she intends to take the beauty business quite seriously. Which is why, after finishing her Mass Communication course from South Delhi Polytechnic in June, she is flying off to London for a six month course from the London School of Cosmetology.

This is not all. Our girl seems to be very keen on picking up diverse skills. You see, this daughter of a knitwear exporter is also doing a web designing course from Computer Graphic Institute.

In whatever she does, Simar has always followed model Noyonika Chatterjee, “a lovely, sensible person with no airs.” Just as well, for Noyonika has become her mami after marriage to her mama, the TV actor Gurpreet Singh (he of Pal Chhin, Star Plus fame). Yes, she was very much there at the marriage. And though the bride had warned her that she might be bored, Simar had a blast at the wedding reception in Kolkotta.

And why not because she was busy trying to find a Prince Charming for herself. This self confessed romantic, however, could find none.

“I don’t care just for good looks. What I want in my guy is intelligence along with good looks,” says the dreamer who reads Osho every night before going to sleep.

Simar Sukhija was discovered by Platinum Models Inc

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