Nobody Said It Would Be Easy

by Ma Prem Sangeet

My issue is the distribution of Osho’s books. I look at Osho’s words and I look around me, and I see no one even close to delivering the same kind of vast, incisive view of virtually everything that Osho offers, yet fewer and fewer titles of His books are in bookstores, and centers are not encouraged to distribute His books. In some cases they are actively or passively discouraged. The rationale being offered is that limiting the supply of books is the only way to get large publishers to publish His books, which will, eventually, mean a larger number of books available, even if it means fewer titles. It also means, in my view, the publication of only the safer and more palatable titles – a watering down of Osho’s vision. But, it is argued, all His books are available from the Internet (as if they kind of popped out of the computer, and didn’t involve shipping and international exchange rates). And who, I ask, will publish those less tame books when the current supply runs out? This policy feels fearful to me.


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