Osho has interpreted Lord Krishna for the new century

News Release
7 August 2001

Vice President Krishan Kant, New Delhi.

Osho has interpreted Lord Krishna for the new century in a most unique way, said Shri Krishan Kant, the Vice President of India. Shri Vinod Khanna M. P. was also present at the occasion. Inaugurating Osho World’s Krishna Week in New Delhi on Monday, Shri Krishan Kant said that the message of Lord Krishna is for all time but has to be renewed for every new era. Various other eminent persons like Tilak and Gandhi have interpreted Lord Krishna’s message but Osho has presented it in its most modern form which is most appropriate for this 21st Century.
Recalling that he has listened to Osho’s discourses on the Bhagwad Gita, the Vice President said that Osho’s depth of understanding and oneness with Lord Krishna made his insights most valuable not only for the present but also for the future. As a true guru, Lord Krishna never leaves his disciple Arjuna in mid-stream but goes all the way until truth triumphs over evil, said Shri Krishan Kant. Osho has highlighted this aspect brilliantly, he added. Shri Krishan Kant was also presented the August 2001 issue of Osho World Monthly Magazine in Hindi with Osho’s discourses on the Lord Krishna as its cover story. A special set of Osho discourses was on Chapter Three of the Gita Darshan, and a book of his discourses in Hindi entitled Krishna Smriti was also presented to him. “Krishna alone accepts the whole of life. Acceptance of life in its totality has attained full fruition in Krishna. That is why India held him to be a perfect incarnation of God, while all other incarnations were assessed as imperfect and incomplete. Even Rama is described as an incomplete incarnation of God. But Krishna is the whole of God.” Osho: Krishna Smriti
Swami Chaitanya Keerti

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