Lord Krishna and the art of total living

The Hindustan Times
7 August 2001

IT IS not without reason that Lord Krishna is worshipped as the complete incarnation of God on earth—the Purnavatar. Krishna deserves this his place, for he’s the only incarnation of God who is multi-dimensional.
He is comfortable in all the shades and colours of life and he accepts life in totality – whether in love or war. He faces life in all its extremes – he suffers tribulations just as much as he celebrates love. And he not only has a very significant message-he’s the personification of his own message himself. He’s the Message.

In his discourses on Krishna and the Bhagwadgita, Osho speaks of the relevance of Krishna for the present moment and for the future, emphasizing the living of life in totality of the moment and not to be over-concerned with the result. The concern makes our energy divided and we become split. Life demands totality and authenticity.

Osho reminds us: “In the Gita, Krishna says: Don’t think of the result at all. It is a message of tremendous beauty and significance and truth. Don’t think of the result at all. Just do what you are doing with your totality. Get lost into it. Lose the doer in the doing. Don’t be — let your creative energies flow unhindered.
In the divine, a Krishna-like prism, everything is accepted and transformed. But the whole thing is that it is just the same light, and what happens to your life depends on how you respond to this light. Krishna has to start dancing in you, your whole life has to become a celebration. And it is not only that you give back, because when a god gives a gift to you, if doesn’t look good to give the same gift back. It has to be transformed. If it comes as one light, it has to go as seven. If it comes as one single note, you have to return a whole orchestra.

“Leeladhar is one of the names of Krishna,” says Osho. He’s the most playful god, the most non-serious; there is no comparison to him. He was totally into life, into all dimensions of life,
and he enjoyed everything — from love to war, everything; there is no denial in him. He can be good, he can be bad; he can be truthful, he can be deceitful. He can sacrifice himself, he can cheat you. He is very spontaneous, without any ideals and without any ideology… just a man living from moment to moment, responding, not with any a priori idea. He has no idea of how things should be.
He functions out of his totality, and whatsoever happens out of that totality is good. He has no definition of goodness other than that.
Swami Chaitanya Keerti is the editor of Osho World Hindi monthly magazine.

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