People of Gujarat need togetherness


Vinod Khanna
New Delhi, March 29

This is a time when the people of Gujarat need togetherness, Vinod Khanna, MP and an Osho disciple, said in New Delhi after his three-week visit to Bhuj where he has set-up a mini tent city to assist earthquake victims.

“We still need tents – 2.5 lakhs of them. We can put up 200 tents in our camp and after that replicate this camp somewhere else. We have adopted another village with 980 families who need 980 tents. We also need animal feed as the current drought is affecting their cattle and livelihood. The traumatized children need toys and play materials to keep them occupied while learning and keeping their minds away from the loss of their loved ones. I think the Kutchis and Gujaratis are very brave and they will come out of it very soon — but they need help now.”

Vinod Khanna has created a sanctuary which probably is the only model relief camp in the entire region. In creating this mini tent city, he has been deeply influenced by his experience of living in Osho’s ashram in Oregon, USA.

Meanwhile, the Osho World Foundation is organizing a dance ballet by danseuse Mallika Sarabhai on 1 April at the Siri Fort Auditorium in New Delhi to raise funds for this project and replicate it in other locations. Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee will be the guest of honour at this event on Sunday evening.

“In setting up this camp, as obviously I have been deeply influenced by my experience in Rajneeshpuram in the US when I was helping in setting up a whole new city in the wilderness, says Khanna, ” I have used this experience to make this happen. We were so particular about hygiene, sanitation, and cleanliness. It is the same thing in this camp; you will not find any plastic piece lying or even a cigarette butt. Garbage bins are provided everywhere. People are encouraged to use them, conserve water, and keep the bathrooms clean and so on. ” “I am confident,” adds Vinod Khanna, ” that the people of Delhi and indeed all over will support this event to show their togetherness with the people of Gujarat.”

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