Prime Minister Vajpayee Appreciates Osho World Foundation

“Construct Lightweight Houses in Gujarat Before Monsoon”

New Delhi, 2 April 2001

Before the imminent monsoon, new lightweight housing using a lot of bamboo needs to be built urgently for the people of Gujarat, said Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee on Sunday at a dance performance by Mallika Sarabhai organized by Osho World Foundation to assist earthquake victims.

“In times of crises, we are one. unity during the crisis, reduces it; and Osho has said that sharing grief decreases it; sharing joy increases it,” said Shri Vajpayee, “Ours is a humane society, we will battle with nature, confront it and accept its challenge; and there is no doubt that on the ashes of pyres of Gujarat, we will create a new Gujarat.”

Commending the efforts of Osho disciple Vinod Khanna M.P., Shri Vajpayee said that he has shown all a new way of not only collecting money to help them but also creating a tent city in Gandhidham to enable the aggrieved people to live in it and sharing their grief by living with them for a month.

Expressing his gratitude to Osho World for organizing this show to enable Delhi’s people to share the anguish of the people of Gujarat and Kutch, the Prime Minister said, “The natural calamity in that part of India is beyond imagination. Since the beginning of creation man has been fighting against nature and trying to harmonize with nature. But sometime the wrath of nature becomes a challenge for man and this situation exists in Gujarat. I am grateful to Osho World for organizing this event and encouraging us to organize other events to continue to alleviate the agony of Gujarat.”

“The people of Gujarat do not just need money but also love and affection, balm on their wounds. Those who have lost all their relatives need new affection and relationships that can be provided only by a heart full of human values,” said the Prime Minister. “More and more assistance is needed and although the Government is doing its best, it has limited resources and as I said more than money they need a feeling of togetherness and a sense of belonging.”

“Sometimes I fear that after the initial blow when the entire nation and indeed the entire world, rushed to the aid to the aid of earthquake victims, now the people should not forget the agony of Gujarat. They should not forget the people of Gujarat living in tents, as we have to provide them with houses,” added the Prime Minister.

Speaking on the occasion, Vinod Khanna said the Gandhidham tent city established by him is self-contained with all amenities. “I wish this project should not only flourish in Gandhidham but also spread to adjoining areas and with the basic necessities, the human sensitivities should also be restored.

He expressed his appreciation to Osho World for supporting this project since its inception in addition to sending a team of volunteers. Osho has said that one seed can make the whole earth green and I have seen this in the ashram of my guru in USA where I was blessed to participate in its creation. A vast useless expanse of land was transformed into a verdant oasis. In no time, it became a full-fledged township of 20,000 people living with all modern amenities.

“So I have the same dream for Gujarat,” said the Osho disciple, “If we apply the same energy and inspiration, we can replicate this vision into reality so that Gujarat not only becomes a model for India but the rest of the world.”

The dance programme concluded with the showering of flower petals on Prime Minister and the first copy of the first issue of Osho World Hindi magazine was also presented to him by Swami Chaitanya Keerti.

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