Playing the ‘MAD’ Game with Kabir

Vinita Faridi

News Release
May 18, 2001

Come, let’s play the ‘mad’ game with Kabir – a game with a beginning but no end, a game with two players but no winners or losers. Osho World invites you to play the MAD – Master and Disciple – Game during Kabir Week from 1 to 7 June 2001 at Osho World Galleria, Ansal Plaza, New Delhi.

Why the MAD game?
Osho answers, “I invite you to come with me into the innermost realm of this madman Kabir.
Yes, he was a madman – all religious people are. Mad, because they don’t trust reason. Mad, because they love life. Mad, because they can dance and they can sing. Mad, because to them life is not a question, not a problem to be solved but a mystery into which one has to dissolve oneself.

One thing more about Kabir’s approach. He is life-affirmative. That too is an indication of a real man of understanding.

That is the game between a master and a disciple. Whatsoever Kabir is saying has not been written – it is addressed to his disciples. This is a spontaneous outpouring of his heart. He was a singer, he was a poet: somebody would ask something and he would sing a song spontaneously. And nobody has ever sung such songs.”

Everyday at 5.30 p.m., the Mad game will start with Kabir’s Bhajans, followed by Meditation to experience him and existence through him.

Osho World Galleria will remind you of the times and life of Kabir, the earthy colours and artifacts of his weaving with a spiritual message.

An Osho bestseller in Hindi – Suno Bhai Sadho – and a newly commentaries by Osho on the songs of Kabir – The Revolution – in English are The Books of the Week. A fiery book – The Revolution – burns with Osho’s love for the mystic Kabir and for the only revolution that counts: enlightenment.

Kabir Week at Osho World will be a unique celebration of his message as Osho says, “Kabir is a celebrant. He celebrates all – all colors of life, the whole rainbow of it. What he is going to say to you is not philosophy but pure poetry. It is not religion but a hand beckoning, a door half opened, a mirror wiped clean. It is a way back home, a way back to nature.

Nature is God to Kabir – the trees and the rocks and the rivers and the mountains. He does not believe in the temples and the churches and the mosques, he believes in the living reality. God is there, breathing, flowering, flowing. And where are you going? You are going to a temple, man-made, to worship an idol, again manufactured by man, in his own image. Kabir calls you back from the temples and the mosques: What are you doing there? He calls you back to celebrate life.”

Come join in the MAD Game and celebrate Kabir at Osho World.

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