Living is love

From the world of Osho, forever with love
By Balpreet

The Hindustan Times
H T City, Chandigarh, May 29, 2001

When gladness glides,
In the deep lake of silence
Warm breath of love
Hums an unheard song

What I’m keying in has to do with a tangible undertaking. That makes reaching within easier, some number of pages easier. By way of ‘Osho World’ – the monthly to be released across this region today. Edited by Osho’s all-time editor – Swami Chaitanya Keerti – ‘Osho World’ reaches out in Hindi, costs Rs 20 and was released recently by Prime Minister Vajpayee. (Swamiji intends getting its English version online before he publishes it a year from now.)

What is keying up my insides is all that’s behind the tangible undertaking. It’s of the experience that can never be tangible; can never ever wear words, will forever keep outwearing them.

Yes but words, at best, can really trigger experiences. Nods Swamiji: „Osho was always media savvy. He said ‘spread my message and use all the media possible. When so much negative information is being spread around, why not spread all that’s positive’. Osho was open to all that and all those who were enlightened. And his endeavour was to make available across the globe all the treasure varied mystics left behind:..”

Which explains his handing down around 650 books besides four times more audio-cassettes. And which also explains Swamiji celebrating in his publications, a week on Kabir (June 1-7), Mahavir (1-7 April), Buddha (1-7 May) etal. „Osho has delved into so many mystics and has tried to bring us to understand them better. He was for an all-encompassing way of life and living, negation of nothing, a complete, reverence for life, acceptance of all it hands down. And for such a heightened sense of being, meditation is the only way, he said. He talked of everything, all of which needled towards waking the within, in absoluteness.”

We ask Swamiji of who are the ones who most seem to take to Osho and right away, he smiles: „The young and the young at heart ever learning, ever open to ideas, not bogged down by dogma, conditioning that keeps threatening to cloud our inner beings every second. And those who question, have been seeking & sit with heightened consciousness.”

And the count of seekers has only been reaching up. But hasn’t Osho, most sadly, also been most misunderstood in his own country? „But now,” adds Swamiji, „he’d be best understood here. After all, the very breezes across this land float thick in vibrations of the mystics yahan ki tarang hi aisi hai, we can’t ever tear away the spititual; it’s right inside us.”

Then he tells us how the number of those coming for initiation has risen by 30 per cent, though lately shifted from Germany to Israel, USA, Japan, Australia. „ Osho’s work has been happening in a decentralised way too by way of centres across the globe. And it’s mostly those countries that’ve seen destruction somehow the seeking there runs the deepest.”

Which makes sense again only the mind that writhes in pain, questions, feels more than thinks, and loves and only loves, completely. And Osho begins right there.

Living is love

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