Prem Joshua in Concert

The Music:
Multi-instrumentalist and composer Prem Joshua is exploring and creating a new synthesis in music beyond the borders of east and west. Coming from his western roots in Rock and Jazz, he performed in various bands world-over, but soon his spiritual and musical search brought him to the east. He has been living, studying and playing music in the Middle East and mainly India for more than 20 years. Especially his meeting with the mystic-genius Osho in India brought him in contact with meditation and his “inner music”. Among the master musicians he has been influenced by and learning from are sitar masters Ustad Usman Khan and Ravi Shankar, who brought him in contact with Indian classical music. Although drawing inspiration from the deep wells of these ancient eastern traditions he never looses touch with the pulse of contemporary western music, such as electronic ” trance music” or the recent developments in “world music”. This openness to different musical influences from all over the world creates an unusual yet very harmonious blend of exotic acoustic music with modern grooves and sounds. His musical merger brought him recognition by critics, music lovers and press in the east and west – especially in India he is celebrated as the new “guru of fusion” . With his music Prem Joshua has toured all over the world, giving concerts in the USA, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, India and the whole of Europe.

The Instruments:
Just as multi-facetted as his music is the range of instruments he plays:
– Sitar
– Bamboo flutes (Indian bansuri and Middle Eastern ney)
– Soprano sax and bamboo sax (he developed an own unique style transferring raga music on to the saxophone)
– Santoor (Persian hammer dulcimer)
– Dilruba (a string instrument with a skin, played with a bow)
– Vocals (using mainly hypnotic ancient mantras from different traditions)
The trademark of his musical vision however is the combination of all his instruments with electronic instruments, ethnic percussions and modern rhythms.

The Concerts:
Concerts with Prem Joshua can be experienced in two ways:

A trio together with another multi-instrumentalist, Manish Vyas from India and dancer Hena Sarojini from Singapore. This concert offers a real listening treat, taking you on a magic carpet ride over and across the frontiers of many traditions. For the visual treat dancer Hena joins the two – making the rich musical tapestry visible in movement.
Manish Vyas: Tabla wizard from India, has learned the complex systems of Indian rhythms under the late tabla maestro Ustad Alla Rakha. Soon he expanded into a multi-instrumentalist and composer. He is a vocalist, masters the santoor and plays keyboards and percussion. He released 6 albums in India with ” Oorja Music” and can be heard on all of Prem Joshua’s albums.
Hena Sarojini: Studied Indian classical dance forms since the early age of 4, already performed on Asian TV when she was 6 and toured the world with the dance ensemble of the ” Temple of Fine Arts” (Kuala Lumpur and Singapore) and with ” Hamsafar” . Now based in Europe, she expanded her style, introducing African and Modern Dance in her performances.

” Hamsafar” Ethno-Trance-Formation
Over the years the 5 members of ” Hamsafar” created a very unique and distinctive sound – very danceable, highly energetic, modern grooves – it’s electric, it’s mantric, it’s trancey – yet the music is full of uplifting melodies played on acoustic instruments from India, Africa, South America – ” Ethno Trance” with heart and soul!
While haunting rhythms might take you right in the middle of an African ritual or a desert bazaar, the call of the shepherd’s flute will transport you to the silence of the Himalayas. Smell the flowers of an eastern garden with the music of sitar and tabla, and as the berimbao begins to play, discover yourself drifting into the steamy atmosphere of the Brazilian rainforest. Eventually – with trip hop, trance and drum-and-bass grooves – you’ll find yourself back to modern urban life.
Besides founder Prem Joshua and Manish Vyas the following musicians join the musical feast:
Rishi Vlote: Drummer and percussionist in all fields of music from Rock to Jazz to Trance. He has created his own style as an ethnic percussionist, linking the African djembe, the Arabic darabucca and the South Indian ghatam with his main instrument, the drum kit. Co-founder of ” Hamsafar”.
Dinesh Mattuck: Keyboard-player and guitarist, studied music and composition in the USA and Brazil, has toured and played with many artists all over the world, member of “Hamsafar” since 2 years.
Chin Relenberg: Bass-player, keyboarder and percussionist, studied tabla in India and berimbao in Brazil. Co-founder of ” Hamsafar” .

Album Releases:

Terra Incognita with Prem Joshua: ” No Goal but the Path” (New Earth Records), 91
Prem Joshua: ” Tales of a Dancing River” (New Earth Records), 92
Terra Incognita with Prem Joshua: ” Tribal Gathering” (New Earth Records), 93
Prem Joshua: ” Hamsafar” (New Earth Records), 94
Prem Joshua: ” Desert Visions” (New Earth Records), 95
Prem Joshua: ” Secret of the Wind” (New Earth Records), 96
Hamsafar: ” Lifeprints” (own release), 97
Prem Joshua: ” Mudra” (own release), 98
Prem Joshua: ” Sky Kisses Earth” (own release), 99

Since spring 2000, Prem Joshua’s last 5 albums are also available in Asia with one of India’s most prestigious labels, “Music Today” in Delhi.

For Bookings and further Information:
phone: 0039-0577-758195

This year we have also cellular phones. For Italy it is
0039-(0)333-342 6597 (Joshua’s), for Germany and the rest of Europe it is
++49-(0)171-895 3776 (Rishi’s).

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