Ravi’s long awaited CD, “KORUS”

released, with instrumental backing from kora, tablas, clay pot (ghatam) and various maestros on santoor, shenhei and harmonica Ravi also contributes many extra sounds such as berimbao, overtone singing, backing voices, Hungarian flute and percussion. Produced by legendary producer, John Leckie and part mixed at the studio of Phil Manzanera (Roxy Music)

“KORUS”, recommended in The Times by Nigel Williamson, also features Bikram Ghosh (Ravi Shakar’s tabla player, seen in above photo) and many other guest musicians

Review of “KORUS” from New Insight…(Brighton):

“It’s a kind of World music, yet quite distinctive in style; light evocative and interesting.Speedyish percussion often underlies quite soft and dreamy vocals and delightfully rippling kora. Sensitive, atmospheric and a quite exotic quality; excellent world music with a vibe”

Press release for Suvarna and Ravi

“Fire of the Oracle” was created by Suvarna and Ravi, a brother/sister combination in which Suvarna sings and plays electric violin with Ravi creating the grooves along with playing all keyboards, kora(electric and acoustic), flute, percussion and along with Suvarna all the chants.

Each track on the album features a different raga, chant and rythmic cycle and was recorded in Suvarna’s adopted town of Boulder, CO, where Ravi came to visit from England, where both are originaly from. The legendary musician, Dik Darnell helped out in the final stages of production and the CD is released world-wide on Etherian.
from New Age Retailer: ‘Suvarna, a spectacular vocalist and Ravi, a talented multi-instrumentalist, have created the passionate celebration ‘Fire of the Oracle’. Dance grooves infuse each track with sensuous energy, while Suvarna’s voice soars above’.

For additional info contact: info@ravi-art.co.uk or see www.ravi-art.co.uk

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