Spiritual watering hole

Living, 7 November, 2000

Osho World is a store which helps sooth frayed nerves, writes Sanjay Austa

Care for a sip of Zen-tea to wash down that smoked burger at Wimpis? Or care for some tips on relaxation after the hectic shopping at the big garment stores? Osho World, a unique spiritual waterhole, is right in the midst of the plush Ansal Plaza shopping complex, in New Delhi to sooth frayed nerves. Besides Osho’s books and taped discourses, objets d’art, statuettes, ceramics, Zen stationery, home textiles and robes for meditation are available.
Keeping in tune with the growing popularity of the man, much misunderstood and maligned in his lifetime, the followers of Osho have opened the spiritual store with the humour of their master in mind. April 1, the All Fools Day, was chosen as the day of inauguration and ever since, the store has become an object of curiosity for some and a place of serious spiritual quest for many.
Aesthetically designed, Osho World is a spacious galleria which offers a variety of information on Osho’s vision, his life and his meditation techniques and CDs of Osho’s discourses, a mini video parlour screens Osho’s talks. Information about Osho and his vision can also be accessed from the two Internet sites reserved for the visitors. To add to this, an enclosed meeting area is available for any discussion and counselling on meditation.
Besides disseminating information on Osho and his teaching, Osho World has embarked on promoting art and culture, too. Osho World organises and sponsors cultural events, including classical Indian dance and exhibitions in various venues in Delhi regularly.

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