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Indian Express, Excerpt from the Editorial (Nov 13)
Renuka Narayanan

Osho World devoted last week to a celebration of Guru Nanak Devji.

It was inaugurated by Dr Manmohan Singh, our former Union Finance Minister, followed by Shabad Kirtan sung by Dr Ajit Singh Paintal, a well-known musician and teacher in the capital. The week concluded this Saturday on Nanak Jayanti, also called Guru Purab. What struck me most about Osho’s take on Guru Nanak Dev was his perception of the Sikh guru as the embodiment of joy, song and flowers. It was satisfyingly in tune with my Jesuit friend Father Gispert’s belief in Ananda, Divine Joy, with the Sufic ecstasies of Omar Khayyam, with Buddhist “Mudita”, with the strong universal drive to seek and share happiness. But divine lives have come and gone, faiths have been founded, edifices and theologies constructed, schisms have rent the seamless fabric of belief into shreds. All faiths seem to practise social discrimination. This, then, is a plea to all well-intentioned people to stop thinking in stereotypical slabs, in divisions of black and white.An individual approach is surely more sensible and practical and will serve the cause of mutual acceptance better, as Guru Nanak Dev and all spiritual masters wished.

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