Trouble in the Lotus Paradise

Dear Friends:
I tried to call India……
Sitting silently, doing nothing, when your house is on fire is bad..
In America we are reading about the turbulence at the Osho Commune in Pune, India. Now, with Satellite Communications, within minutes India News reaches our bedrooms all over the world. Why are Sannyasins banned from entering the Osho Commune? Is Court the only way out? For a Master who has Created /given / produced/ inspired so many therapies, therapists, meditations, spiritual technologies. And his disciples are starving. And there are so many meditators, therapists, mechanics, people who can fix things. Instead of all these court proceedings that are expensive, dehumanizing, disgusting, destructive, distasteful, derogatory, divisive, dirty, if you put a free ad on the internet, on your website, asking for help. Invite yes, invite Teertha, Purna, Veeresh, and other therapists, sannyasins, lovers of Osho, to assist in the Conflict Resolution that is desperately needed.

4 of the 21 inner circle people are mentioned in the conflict that is going on, where are the other 17 inner circle people? Osho instituted the Inner Circle: that (1) Comprise of 21 people, most intelligent, loving, caring, conscious, aware, people, individuals, people, to manage the day-to-day affairs of the commune. And (2) the Inner Circle must have a common goal, be in Harmony, and have a Unanimous consensus before any decision is to be taken. Technically, The Inner Circle has dissolved, by not following the Rules set by the Master.
People at the commune seem to be doing a good job. Making the commune greener, more beautiful, a bigger swimming pool and managing a commune of 2000 people is no easy task. But some sannyasins do not trust you and lack of trust is by no means a trivial thing. Truth, Trust, Love, Care. Small words that make or break a love relationship, a marriage, a corporation, a nation… and Sannyasins do not complain … when I visited the Osho Commune last summer, it felt good to see all the greenery, beauty, the bamboos have grown taller, stronger, more graceful. But I was surprised to see the ugly dirty-looking plastic dishes that the commune was / is using. The poorest restaurants in India use dishes that you can tell when they are DIRTY or CLEAN. And sannyasins were Not complaining . Going to court????? I expected you to go to court to CLEAR OSHO’S NAME IN AMERICA. During Osho’s last hour on this planet, he did express this. To have his name cleared in America. And Swami Amrito did publish this information on the BBS – Bulletin Board system in 1990, right after Osho’s samadhi.
Love… and love, May the Master’s blessings shower on the lotus paradise, and on all of us, Buddham sharanam gacchami…….

Radha Bhagirathee

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