From Sw. Bodhi Chirag

Sun, 30 Jul 2000,

Hello my Beloveds ,

This letter is an endeavor to make suggestions to the Inner Circle which could change the scenario
in Osho’s world from commotion to love and peace, if implemented.

I had been an impartial observer to the happenings in and around Commune and it’s people for the past few months. I have got to know what was reported in the media and what Commune had to say. And a whole lot of emails and discussions criss-crossnig the world.

It was already bad enough to wash the dirty linen in public. But today, when I got to know of another
Sannyasin being banned from the Commune through no fault of his own ( he even does not stay in India), I thought it was time to speak up. Not because of an individual getting banned but because today I can drop my fear of being banned, if I spoke up.

I introduce myself as a Osho sannyasin who did not see the Master in the body. I do not belong to any group. These views are strictly my own. Now here is what I understand and what my suggestions are :
1. The whole drama came out in public with Sw. Keerti going to the Press. But that does not mean that
turbulence was not there before. This event was only the culmination of various previous events and
2. Commune may accuse Keerti, Neelam and others of taking the issue to the Press. But did they have a choice? I doubt.
3. My first hand experience of the ways of working in the Commune is that of Autocracy. NOT MERITOCRACY as Osho had suggested. At times, no reason/explanation is given for a certain action or decision. Something like ? Either accept it or move away?. Meaning total lack of transparency.
4. Power is the language often spoken in the working atmosphere of Commune. I remember Multiversity as the biggest Power center. And one of the rooms there once had a poster saying ? We are in a serious power trip?. And they, sure, meant it. Whoever had power got his/her way around in the Commune. And then it is an irony that it used to be called energy. There is a difference between power and energy which can be felt.There are also exceptions to this till date who just go about their work quietly. But they are exceptions,not the rule. And of course, love is also there in the Commune but it has been felt diminishing all along. And this feeling of mine has been endorsed by many
5. In the whole Press episode, there are many issues. Both the sides have been harsh to each other. I feel it is only natural that sometimes there are conflicts and difference of opinion. But that does not mean that you will simply bypass ( and even excommunicate) the one who does not agree with you. I feel reconciliation, and generally, peace and love should be given a chance. There has been a lot of
mud-slinging and that too in public. The Inner Circle Members proved adequately that they are just like I am. Full of judgement, full of reactions, full of jealousy. Fine, Neelam and company have their own issues but you have established yourselves above them by excommunicating them. The ban on them simply says that you are the decision makers. Now, since you are superior to them, I can only put my points forward to you. And I feel it is not for Niyama to judge others as to who is acting as a lawyer and why someone should change her boyfriend. These are personal things. This is not fair, this is bad taste. Niyama, if you say Sangget is a lawyer, and if you advise Neelam to change her boyfriend; then you are, Your Highness, a Chief Judicial Magistrate.
6. A question had been asked of Neelam as to why she had been silent all along. As commune sees it, she went to the Press and opened Pandora’s box when she was banned. A case of sour grapes, Commune felt. Now I ask the Inner Circle, ‘If Neelam was whatever you called her in Press release, why were you silent for these 10 long years’? Maybe because she went along with collective decisions.
7. As Sw. Vinod Bharti (Indian actor Vinod Khanna) rightly said, ‘Commune is our Gurudwara’. And that means the place of our Guru. Who are you to stop someone from entering the shrine? Who are you to judge who is right and who is wrong? And even if someone is wrong, someone is against you, will you stop him/her from entering the shrine’? How dictatorial!! Then there must be a way to even stop you all from entering there. But alas, you yourselves are wielding those powers.
8. What I understand is that Osho, before leaving His body, gave a plan of 10 years ahead to people like Amrito and Jayesh. Everything was clearly chalked out as to what to do and how to time it. But now 10 years are over. Now the Sannyasins have to use their own intelligence and awareness for the time to come. Now the sannyasins have to foresee Commune’s future. The big fights have surfaced only now. The involvement of Press is unprecedented. So, in more ways than one, this is a new situation altogether. We have to respond to it afresh, anew. I suggest we go by Osho’s directive, ‘Awareness is my successor’. No, only fighting and pretending that everything is alright will not solve the problem, leave aside bring in peace and love. Too much energy and money is already being wasted in fighting. And because of this, there has been a downward trend in everything in Commune. Things are not the same. But I do not want to elaborate.
Wherever there is a fight, this is bound to be.

9. It is time to remind the Inner Circle that they are only functionaries. Should the things continue in the same way, it would mean that we did not understand Osho and did not live His vision. Now is the time to come closer rather than fight. To reconcile rather than to move away from each other. To give warmth to each other rather than lashes.

Suggestions :

1. People concerned should clear up the matter of Copyrights and Osho paintings. This should be done in the Commune and not in public. Proofs should be made available. A meeting can be arranged which could be attended by Commune authorities and the banned sannyasins. Personnaly, to me it does not matter where the copyrights are. The initiative will rest on the Commune to convene this meeting.
2. Let us stop accusing and judging each others. Even in conflict, remember the moments of love. Let us not debate who was more close to Osho physically and who was made what by Osho. Today, I am glad that I can not claim any proximity to Osho which could have given me a big ego.
3. At least now let’s stop going to the Press. And when I suddenly remember that both the sides have approached government and Internet authorities, I feel sad. You are fighting just the way people fight in the Lower House of Indian Parliament. What message will this convey to people like me who still have a great respect for Anando and Shunyo’
4. I would request the Commune authorities to understand that banning and preventing people is not the solution. Every time there will be a new issue and you will end up banning someone or the other. And then only the 21 of you would be left. A more mature attitude is expected from you. And what an afraid and closed group of 21 would it be!! Anyone says anything and endangers his/her exit.
5. Please do not consider voicing discontent as bad. If someone is raising his/her voice does not mean that s/he has some problems within. Niyama tries to decipher things this way. If it was true, then what would we say of Osho who raised His voice all the time against various things? Please try to understand that now Commune is more or less an establishment. And there are going to be discontented people too. Everybody can not be pleased. Instead, start something like a Grievance Handling Cell. This would address the issues much before they are too big.
6. My request to Inner Circle and other sannyasins doing Osho’s work is that spreading Osho’s word should not be taken in the spirit of achievement. Take it easy guys. Even if you had done only half of what you have done, the real seeker would still be here. It is not because of your doing that people are taking sannyas. If this feeling sets in, there would be no power tussle among you all.
7. Finally, my intention was not to hurt anybody. Why not make a new beginning? All fresh. You all are such lovely people. A silly idea is : you could all assume new names to forget the past. I would really like to see Niyama and Neelam dance together ( if I am not banned, that is). And what a poor commune it would have been if there was only meditation and love and no fight. A few days’ separation is also good. But ultimately, we are the sannyasins of the same Guru and Commune is our spiritual home. Wow, if even we can not dance together and keep fighting, what is going to happen to the earth? Was Osho a harbinger of love and awareness or not? I pray that His love gets manifest through us.

With my sincere Namaste,

Sw. Bodhi Chirag.

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