Usher in the age of enlightenment

The Hindustan Times
New Delhi, 18 March 2004

Swami Chaitanya Keerti 

The world has progressed much beyond our imagination. But this progress has been
on the outside. Not much has changed in the inner world of the man, he continues
to remain almost the same. The same anger, lust, politics and violence remain,
only expressions have changed. 
Now the time has come that we transform the inner world of the man, to create a
balance between the outer and the inner. We must plant the seeds of meditation
on a vast scale and nourish the seeds, so that they flower everywhere. 

This flowering will usher in the age of enlightenment as never witnessed before. 

Yes, we did witness this age of enlightenment in the times of Buddha and
Mahavira, but that was only in India. Now this is possible in the entire world. 

Osho says: “The world can come to a harmony if meditation is spread far and
wide, and people are brought to one consciousness within themselves… Only when
there are many people who are pools of peace, silence, understanding, will war
disappear. It is only a question of understanding the value of meditation. Then
it is possible for millions to become undivided within themselves. They will be
the first humans to become harmonious. And their harmoniousness, their beauty,
their compassion, their love – all their qualities – are bound to resound around
the world.” 

Science has transformed the outer world. The inner world too can be transformed
with the science of spirituality.

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