Einstein, Buddha and the atom bomb

New Indian Express
March 15, 2004

Saturday February 28 2004 11:24 IST 

NEW DELHI: If Albert Einstein were Lord Buddha, would there have been atomic bombs?

No, says Osho in his book ‘Einstein the Buddha.’ according to him, there would have been only atomic energy and no atomic bombs.

Atomic energy is seen by Osho as the “greatest blessing ever.” The earth would have become a paradise with the help of atomic energy.

Unfortunately Einstein is no Buddha. So Osho says in his book that he would like the people to be enriched by Issac Newton, Einstein and Thomas Alva Edison. Also by Jesus Christ, Buddha, Prophet Mohammed and Lord Krishna.

Released by Minister of State for External Affairs Vinod Khanna during the just concluded New Delhi world book fair, a copy of the book was presented to deputy Prime Minister L K Advani on Friday at his residence.

The Osho quote which attracted Advani’s attention was—“there have been Buddhas and there have been Albert Einsteins, but we are still waiting for a Buddha who is also an Albert Eistein or an Albert Einstein who is also a Buddha. The day is coming closer.”

The book was presented to the deputy Prime Minister by Swami Atul Anand, MA Shashin, Swami Ravindra Bharti and Swami Arun Saraswati.

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