We don’t need democracy lessons from US: RSS

The Economic Times, New Delhi
15 March, 2004

NEW DELHI: Taking strong exception to the US state department report, which has criticised the Indian democracy as flawed and alleged that the BJP government was not providing proper security and justice to the minorities, the RSS on Friday asked the Union government to lodge strong protests with the US for infringing on the country’s sovereignty. 

Condemning the tendency of the US to behave like a “globo-cop”, the RSS termed the report as a direct interference in the internal matters of India . 

“It will be the saddest day for India if it were to seek lessons on democracy, communal harmony, social justice from a country, which is run by a person who assumed presidency despite losing public vote, who promises Christian missionary activities through official funds to please fundamentalists, a democracy that was made to hang precariously for one month because of its inability to decide who actually won, a nation that harasses its own minorities like ISKCON and OSHO, and a nation that runs amok over countries like Iraq with notorious preachers like Billy Graham in toe to save souls,” RSS spokesperson Ram Madhav said. 

Terming the report as an insult to the democratic people of our country, Mr Madhav said the report deserves nothing but contempt for its arrogance and high-handed attitude towards India . He blamed sections of “the liberal pseudo-intelligentsia for creating an atmosphere conducive to this kind of humiliating attacks by all and sundry on the country and people.” 

Taking strong objection to the propaganda unleashed against it by a South Asia watch group, Awaaz, for misusing funds received from abroad, Mr Madhav threatened action against the watch group for levelling wild and false allegations. “The whole report by Awaaz smacks of a sinister conspiracy to defame Hindu organisations,” he said. 

Mr Madhav condemned the malicious propaganda, unleashed by persons and organisations “hitherto unknown”, against the RSS and organisations connected with it, like the Seva Bharati. “The scandalous report betrays a conspicuous anti-Hindu bias leading us to question the motives of, and the men behind, this unknown group,” he said. 

The RSS leader said Seva Bharati was an organisation registered with the government in different states and guided by Indian laws. Every penny received by it, from within or outside India , is judiciously spent on the causes for which it has been collected, he added. “The report in question is full of distortions and untruths, often bordering on mischief,” he said. 

The Seva Bharati constructed 62 schools in the first phase in quake-hit areas in Gujarat , Mr Madhav said. Of these, 57 were handed over to the state government and the rest are run by registered private trusts, he added. Refuting the allegations that the money received from abroad was spent for anti-Muslim activities, the RSS leader said that one of its relief camps in Bhuj was conducted from a masjid in Hajipur village. Also, new houses were handed over to Muslims in the affected areas, he added. 

Quoting media reports, Mr Madhav said: “On January 29, the residents of Nanireldi, a Muslim dominated village in Kutch , virtually starving since the day of the quake, were pleasantly surprised to see a batch of RSS and VHP workers land with foodgrain, clothes and medicines.” A 51-member delegation, representing 40 organisations in UK that had joined hands with Sewa International for fund raising, visited Gujarat from January 27-31, ’04 and were overwhelmed by the rehabilitation work, he said. 

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