Letter to beloved Keerti

swpremgyan2001@hotmail.com. poona,india

Hi keerti, It has been long time that I wanted to share with you few thinghs, but I was helpless because of fear of being banned from commune. I do not trust management team, they banned people for no reason, I have the feeling that life will be very hard and different without commune for me, so I do not take risk to see you personally, although I want to meet you, commune management team is the only group I am affraid of because it is a group of people who have no eyes to see, they just know how to missuse the power, but time will come that I will declare my rebellion against them, now it is not just the time because there is something in commune which is no where I can find, I mean my friends, before I rebel against them I have to learn how to live without friends, it was very cruel step from management team to ban you and neelam, and some other very good fellows, osho would never liked it happening. You will get some more letters from me soon and one day you will be very surprised to see me, I request you to answer me, I am your truely friend. Just few words how you are. You can answer me to sannyas.net or better on this website.

Please do not try to guess who I am because my name is not premgyan, one day I am sure that I will have no fear and we can see each other over this issue or whatever.
take care and have a great time

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